GoldStar Transit is proud to partner with Burleson ISD and provide bus transportation for eligible students. To register your child[ren] for transportation, please provide the following information.

Once your request is processed, you will be contacted by phone to inform you of bus stop location and times.Up to 5 school days may elapse from receipt in our office before your child[ren] may ride, to allow other parents to be notified of any routing changes

To receive transportation you must be enrolled in a qualifying program or live more than 2 miles from your school.
Up to 5 school days may elapse from receipt of this form in our office before your child(ren) may ride the bus.
Students that were approved bus riders last year, have not moved, and are attending the same school do not need to reapply for bus service.



Type of service requesting

If your child is entering Pre-K will they attend?

Check all programs your child participates in